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Dear Notable Friends, dear Members,
dear Friends of Beer,

we heartily greet you at BCI and hope that you will enjoy our information about beer, one of the oldest and finest beverages of the world.

Of all the beverages in the world, none is so widely distributed in all countries and on all continents than beer. In every population on this earth, beer - probably the oldest beverage produced by man - has acquired over the centuries a firm position as refreshment and enjoyment.
What could therefore be more appropriate - irrespective of all social and national differences - than beer as a friendly medium between people and the wish for company, discussion and the conscious seeking for community?

This basic thought in the year 1965 led to the foundation of the BierConvent International.

Report of the Swiss-Liechtenstein group of BCI

The year is slowly coming to anend and it is time to look back onthe past year Full article in PDF here: BCI-Info_2017-Schweiz-Liechtenstein-WEB-en.pdf   weiter lesen

101st International Friendship Meeting Edinburgh, May 11th until May 14th, 2017

Two years ago, when we proposed Edinburgh as the location for the next BCI fr iendship meeting, wehad several reasons for this choice. Th e last time there was a BCI fr iendship meeting in Edinburgh Full article in PDF here: BCI-Info_2017-101_FT-Edinburgh-WEB-en.pdf weiter lesen

Stanislav Prochazka: My journey towards the membership in BCI

50 years ago, back in 1967, I invited three students of brewing from Weihenstephan to visit Prague.These three students  Full article in PDF here: BCI-Info_2017-My_Membership_in_BCI-WEB-en.pdf weiter lesen

Drinktec 2017 in Munich

From the 11th until the 15th of September 2017 took place in Munich so called Drinktec Full article in PDF here: BCI-Info_2017-Drinktec 2017 in Muenchen-WEB-en.pdf weiter lesen

Chapter Baden-Württemberg: Visit to the Berg Brewery in Ehingen

On 16 September 2017 visited notables of the Chapter Baden-Würtenberg the Berg Brewery in Ehingen. This event was organized by Landeskonsul Mr Uwe Oehler Full article in PDF here: BCI-Info_2017-Bergbrauerei-WEB-en.pdf weiter lesen

Visit by the NRW Country Chapter to the German Football Museum

It is no easy task to organize an event that would attract the wide membership of the North Rhine–WestphaliaChapter. Our Notable Friends being highly scattered geographically across the entire region makesour regular meetings to something of a problem. The more important it has been for Joachim Nill theCountry Consul to find an interesting topic th… weiter lesen

A festive Japan Country Chapter meeting

On 10 July 2015 I had the pleasure and honor ofattending a festive meeting of the Japan CountryChapter of the BCI. The meeting was held on theoccasion of introducing Mr. Naoki Izumiya into theBCI. Mr. Izumiya is President and CEO of Asahi Full article in PDF here: BCI-Info 2015 EN-Article_3.pdf weiter lesen

The 98th International Friendship Meeting in Salzburg

Springtime was coming fine, raising hopes of warm days during the course of our get-together in Salzburg. Eventually, it turned out different in part but this could not disturb the cheerful frame of mind of those who attended the meeting. As we arrived on 13 May the town displayed its sunny side. In a joyous mood we embarked on exploring our surrou… weiter lesen

Guidelines for “Sustainability in Craft Brewing”

For the first time, the issue of sustainability in breweries will be examined in great detail. Nuremberg, November 11th 2014 – Today, Bierconvent International e.V. introduced a new set of practical guidelines entitled “Sustainability in Craft Brewing” at the BrauBeviale 2014 in Nuremberg. The authors Manfred Mödinger and Katharina Landerer presen… weiter lesen

The 96th International Friendship Meeting In Basel

On 14.05.1983, that is 31 years ago, a Friendship Meeting of the BierConvent International e.V. took place in Basel. Quite a long time has elapsed since, and this is also why Basel appeared on the list of candidate cities for the 96th Friendship Meeting. On top of the undisputedly unique atmosphere of this distinctive city, the main reason for opti… weiter lesen

Happy 80th Birthday, Ted Suzuki!

During the course of the long history of the BierConvent International e.V. there were few members indeed who would have left such a massive footprint as Honorary Senator Tomoyuki Suzuki. He has been with the BierConvent International e.V. practically from its very beginnings, and has for many years attended the BierConvent International e.V. Frie… weiter lesen

Invitation to BCI’s Friendship Meetings to be held in 2014

Dear Notable Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen: Present time offers us numerous ways to remember the dates of important events scheduled for 2014. But whether it’s a notebook, computer, tablet, or mobile phone you should not miss recording the dates of the “BCI Friendship Meetings in 2014” which are as follows:     96th Meeting of Friendship – Base… weiter lesen

The eventful mosaic of Cracow

Even before our pleasurable recollections from the Stockholm trip could have faded out we’ve begun packing our bags again, to attend the Cracow meeting. Once again, with a tinge of waiting for the unknown. Because we have never yet had a get-together either in Sweden or in Poland. A total of fifty three of us have set out for the Cracow Friendship… weiter lesen

At the friendship meetings fair. Recalling Drinktec 2013.

When one says „beer and the autumn“, then what comes back to the mind of every patron of this golden beverage is the Munich October Feast, Cannstadter Popular Feast of Stuttgart, and third time the Drinktec Fair which this time, in 2013, was held in Munich on 16-20 September. (By the way, we had to keep track of all these events when looking for th… weiter lesen

Taking stock of Sweden’s tastes

   When trying to pick the venue for our meeting to be held in May, we’ve singled out Stockholm. The following reasons at least spoke in favour of this city: Sweden is an immensely beautiful, highly interesting, and safe country we’ve never visited yet with the BCI. And on the top of it, the days are long here during the month of May. Thus, with … weiter lesen

Visiting the pope in 2008 / The Vatican

  Dear friends, dear Notables and guests: The news surprising to all of us, that His Holiness Pope Benedict resigns for reasons of old age and poor health, was totally unexpected even for those who are conversant with the goings on at the Vatican. May I take this opportunity to recall the wonderful trip to Rome for an audience with the Holy Fa… weiter lesen

End-of-year party / Advent celebration by BCI Bavaria

The 35th Regulars’ Table held on 5.12.2012An interesting year packed with change and variety should indeed culminate in an adequate end-of-year event. This—according to what Chapter Consul Professor Horst Wurm has indicated in his invitation letter—amounts to a fine, agreeable advent evening event without Jingle Bells or Santa Claus but in grea… weiter lesen

Carriage ride in the Rems Valley

Lothar Schaaf invited us for the 2nd Beer & Wine Ride on 15.09.2012 in a horse-drawn carriage.In magnificent weather our Notables, that is, those of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Chapter, with their consorts plus some guests, met at the  „Krebenstüble“ in Stetten/Remstaql, in the wine country—which we dubbed the „Land of Beer“.As always in expectati… weiter lesen

Country Chapter Switzerland-Liechtenstein: The Chapter Consul’s report

The Switzerland-Liechtenstein Chapter holds an annual friendship meeting for its members each year. In 2012 our trip brought us to the neighboring Vorarlberg. On June 21 through 24 we explored this exciting and culturally rich little country. On Thursday, our 24 Notables with their spouses, friends and guests gathered at Geniesserhotel Gams in Bez… weiter lesen

92nd International Friendship Meeting at Mariánské Lázně / Marienbad (Czech Republic) on May 17 through 20, 2012.

In 2011, at the time when the Board together with Notable Joseph Strasser were engaged in elaborating the agenda of our Friendship Meetings for 2012, the decision was taken to convene a meeting at Cracow (Poland). However, having received the information that the program of expanding the country’s infrastructure in expectation of the European Socce… weiter lesen

Lower Saxony Chapter 2012

„A good word is above the best gift“ (Benedikt Nursia).   The Lower Saxonians can stoutly resist storms and gales, and this has allowed them to successfully survive the year 2012. The sickness rate among our members was particularly high last year, also due to the age profile. Of course, we are continually recruiting new members. But they canno… weiter lesen

Our forthcoming international Friendship Meetings—an overview

The dates of our Friendship meetings have been set so that everyone can make note ofthese dates in his/her diary. 94th international Friendship Meeting scheduled to be held on 09 – 12 May 2013 atStockholm, SWEDEN The BCI members have visited a number of places over the years but Stockholm is avenue yet to be visited. Thus we would like to make th… weiter lesen

TRAVEL REPORT 93rd International Friendship Meeting in Valencia (Spain)

On Wednesday, 26 September at nootime, several Notables with their guests embarkedon the fight from Zurich to Valencia. Having landed on time we were given a cheerfulwelcome at the airport by Luzia, Team Strasser, and our President’s spouse Monika.After a brief ride we reached our Hotel, „The Westin Valencia“ where we were able toenjoy a welcome dr… weiter lesen

Autumnal reunion in Tokyo

  The Japanese Chapter of BierConvent International had a delightful luncheon meeting on November 25, 2012, to welcome our new member, Dr. Koichi Matsuzawa and his wife Keiko, at “Antibes” Grill & Bar, renowned for Mediterranean cuisine.  Our Honorary Senator, Notable Ted Suzuki and his wife Masako made a special trip to Tokyo from Osaka to jo… weiter lesen

Invitation to attend the 94th International Friendship Meeting, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden on May 9 through 12, 2013

Dear Notable Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen: It gives me great pleasure, at this festive time of the Christian season of Advent, to be able to extend to all of you an invitation to attend the 94th International Friendship Meeting, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden on May 9 through 12, 1913. Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, will be the host to BierConve… weiter lesen